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Jack-Putt is the fun that your event needs!

A unique pop-up putting challenge that allows you, yes you, to putt for dough, always.

Mister Mini Golf from MiniGolfReviews.com presents an exciting attraction that draws people in and makes money for your organization and/or a charity of your choosing.

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November 5th – 7th at the Wisconsin Center

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What is Jack-Putt?

Jack-Putt is a new take on how Mini Golf is played. Instead of playing through a whole course, you play one hole where you attempt to win money between $50 – $500. Sink a putt, win the cash!

Why should the pros have all the fun. Now the old saying “Drive for show, putt for dough” applies to everyone.

The standard model used is $5.00 for 3 putts, with a 4th putt for free for those that follow Jack-Putt on social media.


I’ll kick off each Jack-Putt with $50.00, then for every player that plays, a dollar is added, up to $500.00!

It will certainly be a challenging shot. If you don’t sink any of your putts, you’re not alone. However, there is no need to fret, you get to play the Jack-Putt Plink-O to see what your consolation prize will be! Do note that prizes will vary from event to event.

If you do sink the putt to win the “Jack-Putt”, you will have your picture taken with a large Jack-Putt check for Jack-Putt’s social media and Jack-Putt’s website “Wall of Fame”.  After that, the cash is all yours!

Go from amateur to pro!

Now the only question is:

Can YOU make the Jack-Putt?

Fox 6 News Segment “Preview of Fun”

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