• Mister Mini Golf was born


  • Mister Mini Golf has first mini golf experience with Gator Golf released by Milton Bradley

1997 – 2017

  • Mister Mini Golf plays over 100 courses over the course of 20 years
  • Gets a Goofy Golf Machine (Board Game) for 6th birthday
  • Creates backyard golf course
  • Gets modular foam mini golf course for Christmas – transforms basement into course
  • Several family outings to play mini golf
  • Befriends elderly neighbor Jack Schwartz, with a love for Golf that kindled the Mister Mini Golf’s passion


  • Mister Mini Golf is Co-Champion of Milwaukee mini golf traveling summer league
  • MiniGolfReviews.com is formed and started by Mister Mini Golf to be an archive of mini golf in the United States.
  • Future sister-in-law Sophia creates Mister Mini Golf and (Future) Missus Mini Golf shirts as Christmas gifts


  • January: Starting with the new year, a change to the direction of MiniGolfReviews.com lead to the hole-a-day format that is currently used.
  • Mister Mini Golf runs the Milwaukee mini golf traveling summer league
    • Takes 3rd overall
  • Mister and Missus Mini Golf win as lowest scoring team average at the LiFE of HOPE Mini Golf Tournament
  • October:MiniGolfReviews.com celebrates its first year of business
    • Mister Mini Golf marries Missus Mini Golf
    • Mini golf honeymoon!
      • Mister Mini Golf and Missus Mini Golf play over 25 courses!
  • November: Jack-Putt, LLC was formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


  • Jack-Putt logo, social media accounts, and website formed
  • Jack-Putt begins booking events for spring/summer of 2019

The Dream

Jack-Putt was started as a way for an avid mini golfer, Mister Mini Golf, to pursue his dream of owning a mini golf course. Without the necessary capital to own a course, Mister Mini Golf had to think of another way to achieve his dream. Through a lifetime of research by playing at courses all around the country, the idea of a pop-up mini golf skilled putting contest was fleshed out and Jack-Putt was born. This allowed Mister Mini Golf to use his creative designs to make an exciting customizable attraction for events in his community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Jack-Putt is a pay-to-play mini golf putting challenge that players putt the ball to test their putting skill in hopes to sink a putt to win the “Jack-Putt”, a progressive jackpot cash prize of $50 – $500. While a for-profit business, Jack-Putt understands that community is everything. Therefore Jack-Putt makes donations to charities and organizations from a percentage of the revenue earned at each event.

The name Jack-Putt has 3 significant elements:

1. Play on the words for Jackpot

2. Jack Nicklaus is Mister Mini Golf’s favorite player

3. In honor of Mister Mini Golf’s neighborhood friend Jack Schwartz

Front of Jack-Putt Unique Business Card
Front of Jack-Putt’s unique business card
Back of Jack-Putt Unique Business Card
Back of Jack-Putt’s unique business card
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