Port Washington Pirate Fest

Event Date(s):

June 7th 2019 – June 9th 2019

Event Description:

A three day pirate themed festival on the marina of Port Washington, Wisconsin.

At Port Washington Pirate Fest you can:

  • Get pirate themed merchandise, food, and drink
  • Enjoy pirate themed entertainment and shows
  • Play Jack-Putt to win some booty

Event Link: Pirate Family Daze

Event Jack-Putt Sponsor: Swing Time Germantown


3 winners throughout the event with a combined Jack-Putt total of $226!

Winner 1

Hadley won the very first Jack-Putt ever! Her Jack-Putt was $70! Her sister was very impressed!

Winner 2

Dan was the second winner at the event. He won a Jack-Putt of $89! He then let the group of boys watching each play a round! How generous!

Winner 3

Brett was the third and last winner of the event. He won a Jack-Putt of $67! He got married just the day before!

Organization Supported:

A donation of $79 was raised at Port Washington Pirate Fest for the Advocates of Ozaukee County

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